FP Bonds: Corporate 2023

FP Bonds: Corporate 2023

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FP Bonds – Corporate 2023 features publicly and privately held debt securities, as well as debt issues and asset-backed securities from Canadian incorporated companies.

Designed for the professional and consumer executive is a gold mine of information on the bank market today. It provides outstanding information on publicly and privately held debt securities issued by Canadian incorporated companies, together with their features and provisions. Separate tables list convertible, exchangeable, retractable and extendible debt issues. An additional table lists outstanding asset-backed securities.

The first table lists issues by rating, from lowest to highest. Generally, a DBRS rating of BBB is considered to be investment grade and anything below that could be considered as non-investment grade or high-yield debt. As well, unrated securities are also considered to be high-yield if its spread to a comparable Government of Canada issue is substantially higher than the spread between investment-grade corporate bonds and Government of Canada issues. A second table lists all rated issues by company.

This must-have edition also contains added front matter: an excerpt from the latest Canadian Fixed Income Market report by the Ontario Securities Commission, and tables and charts on corporate bond market trends from the Bank of Canada’s Canadian Fixed-Income Forum.