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With one-third of the population suffering from at least one chronic illness, and the number of Canadians over the age of 65 expected to double by the year 2036, this title is both timely and relevant for patient learning.

Health Guide Canada provides a comprehensive overview of 107 chronic and mental illnesses, including descriptions, symptoms and treatment options. It also contains over 5,000 detailed listings of condition-specific support networks along with general health resources. Each listing includes the name of the organization or publication and complete contact information including website and social media links and executives, as available. In Health Guide Canada, health care professionals, patients and many others will also find information on number of staff, budget, events, membership, technological resources, number of beds, year founded and more! This recently updated title gathers its data from the Fraser Institute, Statistics Canada and hundreds of other reputable sources; all the information is well-organized for quick and accurate search results. It also contains helpful articles on chronic and mental illness, self-management after diagnosis and advice on how patients can succeed post-diagnosis with help from their primary health care provider. With these articles, as well as several easy-to-understand statistical charts and graphs, Health Guide Canada is an essential tool for both health care professionals and recently-diagnosed patients.

Throughout Health Guide Canada, patients and healthcare providers will find important information such as illness descriptions, associations related to the illness, publications, government agencies, libraries and resource centres, educational facilities and hospitals.

Section I includes covers 107 chronic or mental illnesses arranged alphabetically, including brief descriptions, probable causes, symptoms, prevalence and treatment options, followed by resource listings. Section II consists of resources related to the health industry in general rather than to a specific illness. Section III provides information on charitable foundations related to the chronically or terminally ill, death and bereavement support services, homeopathic medicine facilities, organizations focusing on indigenous health issues and sports groups for the disabled. Section IV lists statistical data taken from Statistics Canada and the Fraser Institute; breaks down numbers of people with different illnesses in Canada, health program performances and wait times for certain procedures.